truth of it…..


I started blogging because I was fed with stupidity of social media, (*ahem ahem *because of my exams),

Well, seriously, the content shared on Facebook is mind boggling, now days.

I am not the one to judge anyone but it’s for my own self, I thought to my ownself on the 2017 eve of modern calender that lets try and shy away from the social media. From virtual people who says anything, sometimes the cringe level just surpasses the normal human level of digestion, and moreover there are no warning signs too.

In the midst of our conversation I informed my good old Aquib, who told me, “Bro, why don’t you start blogging its a great community of people comprising of great writers, but follow only those or rather read only those who have a sound mind set-up don’t just read any gibberish seven if it’s eloquent.”

I sushed back…

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Seth’s Blog: A Publishing Master Class

Announcing a two-day workshop in my office for 8 people. I define publishing as the work of investing in intellectual property and monetizing it by bringing it to people who want to pay for it. The world of publishing is changing fast, and I'd like to help a few publishers make a difference. Publishing can... Continue Reading →

fantasy world

Today, my thoughts revolve around the question of whether to separate his imagination and his real world. Without fantasy our life is not worth anything. Without fantasy, there would be no art. What would be life without art. No books, poetry, music, painting ….. the world would be even more gray than she already is. So fantasy is definitely part of the real world. For the real world can not be defined anyway. No one can prove what is real, we can only believe. And believing in fantastic things in this world is a thousand times better than believing in the norms of society. And so I fly to the moon every night,…

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Meretneith Book 1 of the Protectress #LBGTQ #Romance

The world is older than you might think and humanity is on a path to self-destruction. Prophesy states there is a Chosen One who will join forces with Tribal Warriors Meretneith and her brother, Ptah (Egyptian Goddess and God retrospectively) and defeat their enemies, known as the Old Ones. Saul Ben Izrael is a financial... Continue Reading →

More color (Almost done)

Chaotic Shapes


This is the progress of how far the drawing is at the moment. I thought here would be a good time to stop and take a picture.

The whole picture is almost colored in but not completely. With a bit of time and effort this will be done in no time.

The colors in this one are quite fun to play around with. At times the colors I decide to use take up most of the time. By looking at the color of the pencil, I can imagine what it would look like on the paper. There are so many colors to choose from.

Wish I could use every single color. But only one version is being created. My crazy mind thinks about multiple versions of each drawing, thinking of all the ways I can create this.

With what is done so far, does anyone have a guess on what…

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Checking Out Love by R Cooper #LGBT

Book Review Jeremy is a wonderful sexy nerd that enters a campus landmark turned library looking for thesis material. Little does he know that there's a hunk Benj (owner of the family legacy) that is equally nerdy waiting for a Jeremy to come into his life. After the much awaited reveal neither waste a moment... Continue Reading →

How Real books Have trumped eBooks – by Alex Preston for The Guardian

  Books have always had a fetishistic quality to them, with their dusty secretiveness. Now, though, it feels like we’re living through a special moment in the history of book design and beautiful books are everywhere. Take George Saunders’s Lincoln in the Bardo with its marmoreal endpapers or Peter Frankopan’s The Silk Roads, with its cover inspired by... Continue Reading →

Tharon Ann  By Jennifer Brookins

  Book Review Impressions The author offers a nice meander down memory lane during a midcentury time when the south was still mourning the loss of the civil war while Hollywood was defining our world. While composing this review I sometimes wonder if composing within an idiom that defines our recollections is instructive or in... Continue Reading →

His Mossy Boy by R Cooper #LGBTQ

A Book Review Impressions This (as always for me) my go to read when my spirit needs food. As an author am I jealous…. oh yes. R never disappoints and her strength is in characterization. In this read the characters are a complex brew of small town characters. But the tales centers on the heart... Continue Reading →

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