Forum: Poets and Borders Part Two

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Forum: Poets and Borders

Editor’s Note: This is a second installment in a series of conversations with poets from around the world about borders that began as a response to President Donald Trump’s thoughtless order for the construction of the border wall along US/Mexico border. The forum originated as a series of private letters between poets who live on US/Mexico Border as well as those who have traveled far and wide; as the conversation grew, others were invited to share their perspectives. For the sake of space and overall cohesion, several responses have been edited and/or condensed.
History of poetry is a history of border crossings. We learn our craft from banished poets (Ovid, Dante, Milosz, Tsvetaeva, Bei Dao, Darwish, etc.), from poets who spent years of their lives on both sides of borders, or within prison walls, or in lines to prison walls, or in camps of various kind…

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