Me like…


I deeply want to express my gratitude to Aquib Khan ( for helping me write this piece.
Aquib, thank you so much for empathizing and adding stanzas 2 and 3 to the poem. I admire the way you described and linked them beautifully to the first one.
I accept this contribution with a big smile on my face 🙂
Thanks a ton 🙂


Dear sky

These eyes envy you

They want to mimic you

The way you cry after thunder

They want to cry too

But they’re unable to

As tears dread their dryness


They’ve changed their course…


Want to stretch like your vast serenity

But there’s no pillar for me to stand

Want to absorb the ill tints

But there’s no filter I can find

Want to shine like glitters at night

Alas, no stars I can find

Want to have the glistening embellisher

But the…

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