Stupid WOMEN..😏♥♥

OMG!!!! Please read…male or female you need to know this and after reading …thank the author.


《An intelligent hell would be better than a stupid paradise》😝✌💞

■ Why do women waste their time trying to convince their insecure family members and girlfriends that they are beautiful? Self esteem is not a beauty cream that you can rub all over them and see instant results. Instead, convince them they are not stupid. Every intelligent woman knows outward beauty is a nip, tuck, chemical peel or diet away. If you don’t like it, fix it… 《Why》 😑😑😑🙄

▪ Its strange how some people ignore the logic just because they believe what they like to believe and ignore the truth.😍

▪ Why is it so hard sometimes to just get my thoughts all together in one place?!?! My goodness, I have been trying all day to come up with a fitting post. I start it, I delete it. I start it again, I delete it again. It’s been…

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