New sketch (Finished)

A Polar Bear…lovin’ it

Chaotic Shapes


I started the sketch on Thursday, forgot to take a picture of what I had finished. There was only a small sliver of what is here now, probably 1/6 of this.

On Saturday I started working on it in the evening and it lead up until the night. I literally didn’t stop to eat till I finished sketching. I was that determined to finish it. It was around 11pm.

For some reason in the past, I used to only want to make drawings in one session. Now I create drawings up to 10 sessions, it varies.

I’ve learned a lot in the past year or so, my speed of sketching is improving by x2. I notice it does’nt take me as long to finish something. It’s all in the practice you can’t give up.

With what I have sketched here, what do you see? Like usual, you can ask questions…

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