The Other Side of the Roses by R Cooper #LGBTQ


Book Review


 Could it be that we unknowingly find love that best fits? Or is it that love that best fits is irresistible?

When reading R Cooper it’s always a comforting warm escape.  There’s only tales of the wonderful complexities of the spirit. So when I began to read this short treatise I prepared for a full on reveal of love and all of its tricky bits…vividly conveyed through strong development of personalities. This is a wonderful short.

The slow countdown of emotions then the build to completion of conflict sometimes comes in R’s work with in your face sex but more likely with a thorough disclosure of emotional contentment. The object of love and worship begets their just rewards.

R Cooper’s simple style of storytelling makes me feel like I’m peeking into the privacy moments of new love.

That characters are always the ordinary mundane mixed with the extraordinary and unquestioned.  It’s the delicate dance of two hearts finding their place with one another.  And in this book, the object of love is autistic…wonderfully open dialogue.

I appreciate the compelling complexities of autistic young adults. I always prepare for moments and words that completely steal my heart with honesty of emotions. R Cooper captured those moments in this book with my favorite character Toby.  His adorable direct expressions while discovering love are spot on.

I really loved this read.


It was whom he crushed for…come home after a seven-year absence. There he was the boy living down the street during high school now a handsome adult man. Love fantasies about Toby consumed Sami all of his tender adolescent years. And all the silly and humiliating things he did to get Toby’s attention were haunting him.  It was a painful reminder of times when he did anything and everything to get the attention of the beautiful neighbor down the street.

Thing one was how to let Toby Winfield know that he was still in love with him and not make a complete fool of himself.

The only impeded in the past to the acknowledgement of affections was Toby’s overbearing mother. Thing 2 was that now evil mom was gone which left it all up to Sami to make the first move. But Toby beat him to it.

Main Characterizations

Sami is like sunshine. I think many of us have a Sami in our lives that fill our hearts and soul with honest warmth and love.

Toby Winfield processes emotions and responses with care and possesses extraordinary powers of reason. His growing affection for his childhood neighbor is heartwarming with the inevitableness of it.  On his return to his boyhood home, his first task was to prune his mother’s rose bushes…the one impediment to achieving his boyhood love….Sami

Critiques:  Never a disappointment, this is a great another great love story from R Cooper.

Genre: MM Romance, LGBTQ




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