Mysteries of Darkness


The beautiful  Basilica Cistern is one of several hundred cisterns that lie underneath the city of Istanbul. This incredible place was built in the 6th century, just next to the Hagia Sophia. It is quite a dark and mysterious attraction.

The cistern was used to supply water to the Great Palace of Constantinople as well as other buildings on the First Hill. Its purpose was water storage as well as water filtration for those buildings.

This huge historical cistern is approximately 105,000 square feet in area and can hold up to 2,800,000 cubic feet of water. Today the cistern is not used and has very little water. Due to its underground construction, the roof of the cistern is held aloft by 336 marble pillars. These pillars were salvaged from other buildings, some outside of the city itself and many of the pillars are either Ionic or Corinthian style with a…

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