Hush Money By James Trivers #Mystery #Drama #bestseller #Goodreads

hush money

A Review

Hush Money

I often wonder what truly defines a best seller and then there’s books like this.

In a very intimate way this reader is transported into a world of chaotic personalities in shapes of celebrity, the Kennedy’s. The sounds and myriad scents and feelings bombarding our senses while wheeling through New York traffic on a Schwinn is relayed in terms that awaken.

The urban scenes are flavored elements of a Sam Spade novel. Reminiscent of a midcentury scene in a film studio. Malcolm the Manhattan bicycle messenger is the cameraman riding the dolly as the scenes unfold.  The reel records his journeys from one surreal scene of the private homes of the rich and famous to another. The telling is made richer by a unique perspective.  Malcolm is the interested observer and accidental participant.

This is fiction, but it reads like someone paused a slice of history for us to observe and take notes.

Our journey ends in the thoughts of a younger fictional Kennedy… immersed in contemplation of “why am I here”.  The happenstance of being the wrong place one night created a bike messenger turned man of leisure to befriending the Kennedy he was extorting.

James Trivers Hush Money

“When I unlocked my bike, there was the lilac sky of a promise made in April. It was then when I wished I had as much money Fleetwood Mac was making that week.” Hush Money.

Hush Money is a breezy, can’t-put-it-down peek back into the “City of Coincidences.” Ashley Jude Collie for HuffPost

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