American Jihad By John Outram

American Jihad

Book Review


“All known Muslims are being investigated but there are about three million living in the United States. Agent Close reported that the terrorists he has discovered are deep underground living quiet lives. It takes only a few lone wolves or small cells to create havoc and tracing them takes time.” ~ American Jihad

This book scared me.

From the first moments of reading to its end. I felt immersed and absorbed into a tale of terrorism. Not offshore in some remote location. But right here on our shores… in our homes. The author clearly depicts how our sense of social norms can be turned against us. And essentially become weaponized in the war on terror.

I would place this engrossing foretelling within the coveted list that includes climate change warnings and the future outcomes of the militarization of tribalism (s). This book is timely and holds value. It is frightening journaling of the coming of a dark dystopia.

Introduction to Jihadist comes alive through carefully crafted personalities that American have grown to fear.

Reading this work reminds me of how much we don’t know about other cultural tribes that share our world. Here’s where the author examples his skill in fleshing out the myriad complexities that compose a character that takes his life and those of others. The dystopia created by Jihadists on a spring’s eve examples what can happen in an unattended moment.

Author Outram weaves a fast moving tell that will keep your interest from the first to last page.  John Outram’s American Jihadist should be considered a bible on what can go terribly wrong within our borders. The telling is not for the faint of heart or those who chose to turn away from our realities.


The carnage began at sea and then quickly evolved to domestic warfare in a matter of days. Terror moved quickly through the country bringing death to unsuspecting America. The author expertly weaves a storytelling about the abrupt arrival of civil unrest and tribalism taken to the kind of reality that few of us are aware of or prepared to face.

Death and carnage quickly move from state to state accompanied by the breakdown of federal and civil law that’s followed by a series of Muslim occupied successions of statehoods. The reader will eagerly anticipate the final outcomes.

Critiques:  A frighteningly superb read

Genre: fictional warfare, terrorism, politics, adventure

My rating is 5/5 stars

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