Hibiscus Lane An #Erotic #Fantasy By John Outram

Hibiscus Lane

A Book Review


“Millie knew how to ask for what she wanted, and Jason liked to please her. Relaxing on the patio behind her house overlooking the pool, where they had splashed earlier, they were watching a pair of green parrots scolding a large magpie in the tall flowering fig tree. It was a comfortable way to share a lovely afternoon.” ~Hibiscus Lane

Author John Outram offers readers amazing opportunities to explore the rich diversity he creates in characterizations. There’s depth in portrayals that encompasses experiences of self-discovery, conflict and the eventual coming together of lost souls. Prompting this reader to muse if anyone, secreting certain predilections, can be persuaded to freely explore their libidos.

In this journaling of a traveling author caught in scintillation and awkward appeasements, the book also immerses the reader in a sensual universe. The main character is a sexually wanting Jason Bolton. It’s the twist of fate that brings a discovery of a once in a lifetime smorgasbord of erotic emotions that peeked my interest. John describes in haunting detail the unexpected passions nestled within a community driven by carnal freedoms.

But as in any opportunity to indulge, consuming selectively is needful. Jason’s delightful discoveries of neighbors that occupy Hibiscus Lane comes during a vulnerable time in his life.  And here’s where the storyteller’s writing excels in creating the exciting from the cliched.

 I anticipated some unusual twists and turns from this author.

There’re always tiny ignored behavioral subtleties that precede the parting of lovers.  In Jason and Kerrie’s situation, author John Outram expertly creates a web of interaction that Kerri weaves to control while demeaning the needs of her lover, Jason.

The scene is amply set when opportunities arise abruptly. The subtle unraveling of the relationship is treated well, beginning with Jason’s girlfriend Kerrie’s sudden return home. This leaves Jason alone in the small town of Cairn.

The solitude advantages a flood gate of opportunities for Jason to explore new emotions and new neighbors. Jason’s experiences in his sexual awakening is absorbing. It took, what could’ve been, an ordinary romantic read to another level. Perhaps prompting a reader to self-explore delectable sexual predilections buried under the surface.


 After leisurely traveling the globe, an author and his girlfriend decide to nest in the small town of Cairns Australia. Jason Bolton thinks this small town a good place to quietly finish composing his newest bestseller. They rent a house on Hibiscus Lane near the Great Barrier Reef.

On the surface all seems “nice” in a community of locals. But girlfriend Kerrie is suddenly called back to Canada to attend a family emergency leaving Jason Bolton to fend for himself. And here’s where the plot thickens and becomes delectable.

A lonely Jason soon discovers that the men’s club has arranged an adventure that would change his life forever.  Sex becomes a wonderful smorgasbord of beautiful eager women. Seduced by the wives of the Hibiscus Lane Men’s Club, he soon finds that sensuality comes to mean a lot more.

Jason’s evolving skills in the art of lovemaking and loving a woman is taken to another realm. An ancient ghost introduces new sexual realizations into the mix. Jason’s development into a lover capable of submersing and focusing his libido to satisfy a woman changes lives in the Hibiscus Lane Men’s Club. But the price is the emotional pain of tortuous self-discoveries.

Main Characterizations

Jason Bolton is a globetrotting author.

Kerri is Jason’s girlfriend and beautiful traveling companion.

Members of the Hibiscus Lane Men’s Club;

The widow Millie

Bill and Angela Atkins

Annie and Forest Ranger Husband Jake

Nadine and Frank McQuarrie

 Genre: fantasy, adventure, erotic paranormal

My rating is 5/5 stars

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