Alpha Heat (Heat of Love Book 2) By Leta Blake



A Book Review


“They kissed over the gear shift as the moon poured around the car. Their love overflowed in the sight of wolf’s own eye, and it was pure.” – Alpha Heat

Can one suffer from author idolatry? Perhaps. When a supreme storyteller weaves tales that speak to our fantasies, odd but loving proclivities, or offers that needful time to unwind. Then author adoration is necessary. I always base my fondness for an author not so much on the genre, though favorite genres are our “go to”.   But it’s also that momentary exquisite pleasure in reading a story master’s word tooling. Whether reading quant arguments on behavioral economics or scintillating tales about Omega heat, I want to be held captive and salivate within each sentence.

The first installment in this series from author Leta Blake, Slow Heat, delivered nicely a scorching well written discovery hitherto unknown to me. Between the pages of Leta’s works I am unwrapped and exposed to another world. And it brings to me a secret “happy”.

Writing and reading porn can become laborious and boring. It takes a certain language to bring to life the subtleness of emotions that define how we love, how we approach it, and “lordy” …. how we suffer within the throws of it.  Much like sexing in the throes of heat, we’re held prisoner, impaled by need and want begging for release like a whore in love. Wondering what about the outcomes or better than happy ending.

I said in one of my reviews of Leta – that her work is not for everyone. Indeed, not the faint of heart or those still hiding from the realities of true sex and love. And although her fantastical(s) are centered in the world of mm romance, reactions in how we discover the emotional intimacies of love should be accepted as universal.  Afterall we all endure moments of questing for that sensual, libido driven perfection.  The individual essence of it is wholly our own creation… what our spirits infuse into our perfect notions of mating should unapologetically transcend any artificial law fostered within humanity. Or should.


The story opens with the frightening discovery of the pregnancy of the aging Omega Vale Aman with his beautiful young Alpha Jason Sabel. They call on the help of the friends, introduced in the first book in the series Alpha Heat, Xan Heelie and Dr. Urho Chase.  The men become the focus of this sequel.

The smallish an unmanned Alpha Xan Heelie, struggling to get over his loss of childhood friend and lover Jason, finds release in the arms of a brutal abuser. Escaping one night after being brutally beaten almost to death, fate intervenes when his secret “crush” the older gorgeous widow Dr, Chase encounters a battered and broken Xan.    Their story begins and with the discovery of perfect love.

Main Characterizations

Xan Heelie is the surviving alpha, sole heir with omega predilections.

Dr. Urho Chase is the older widowed friend discovering that he harbors unnatural feeling for the troubled young Alpha Xan Heelie

Caleb is a beautiful seemingly delicate omega with odd but loving proclivities and contracted to Xan Heelie.

Jason Sabel is a young alpha imprinted in Erosgape’ to the older Omega Val Aman

Vale Aman is the older omega, impregnated by his alpha by mistake during heat.

Genre: MM fantasy romance, #Mpreg, Erotica, Syfy Fantasy

My rating is 5/5 stars



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