Heat for Sale By Blake Moreno, Leta Blake


A Book Review


Gobbling up another of this author’s work, I’m reminded again of how this author’s ways of developing a storyline draws on this reader’s imagination.

This is a simple, yet elegant love story complicated by the ghost of past love. The seamless joinery of a younger virgin omega and his slow surrender to the rich and handsome older alpha, made for sumptuous reading.

The tale reminded me of the old series Dark Shadows for some reason. Perhaps because the home of the alpha Heath is an old castle filled with old memories. And his nascent and nubile pregnant Adrien discovers a dark ghostly secret. But of course, love transcends all.


Adrien is an omega student finding that he’s running out of money to pay for his education. A virgin who has yet to experience his first heat, he decides to enter and auction to sell his virgin heat at the highest bidder. As fate would have it, he finds more than a buyer of his sex. He finds true love.

Rich established Heat finds more than a contract surrogate. He finds deep and unexpected love.

But a dark secret hover over the lovers that threatens their lives together as lovers.

Main Characterizations

Adrien an omega university student becomes wildly wealthy by auctioning off his virgin heat to the wealthy older Alpha Heath.

Heath discovers lost love within the arms of his new omega love… Adrien.

Genre: MM fantasy romance, Erotica, Syfy Fantasy

My rating is 5/5 stars




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