How to (Not)Train a Firecat By R Cooper



A Book Review


I’ve articled before in how this author is a master at weaving fairytales for adults. This short story is a small sample of why I enjoy R Cooper’s work.  I entered in her legion of fans after reading a few of her earlier works in this genre of adult storybook of dreamlike characterizations.  Scenes of drama about the throws of love are animated and delectable.

This short story is a generous offering of love between a wizard and a great cat minder. Perhaps in our time it would be love between a prince and a stable boy. The reading fleshed out the characters of River and Gavin. Two males from different social groups that portrays the meme that love knows no borders defining social casts.


River, keeper of the firecats, loves an apprentice wizard. Gavin is the most powerful wizard in the land.  But River, a realist, understands that in loving his wizard. He will also lose his love to the world of nobles.

Main Characterizations

River is the keeper and minder of the big firecats.

Gavin is the princely wizard who discovers love in the arms of River.

Genre: MM fantasy romance, Erotica, Syfy Fantasy

My rating is 5/5 stars





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