Lone Alpha Female Book 6 of the Protectress – Barbara Cerda #mmromance #goodread #Fridayread #adultfantasy

Lone Alpha Female Cover

In the year 2269, cultural wars have brought mankind to the precipice of extinction.

Most of the earth’s cities are no more.  Only two political factions survived to rule. Gaia is taking back what men have destroyed.  Survival of humanity’s remnants lies in the hands of the warrior Commander Bey Caine, the Lone Alpha Female.

Dressler was born into a world where his very existence was against common law.

As an enhanced being, his brown skin and gay psyche panel offered him only one chance at survival. A boy alone and friendless in a hostile world Dressler Wihone was old enough and strong enough to become a fighter for the Anglo government.  He became their biggest and most lethal weapon. The stunning Polynesian giant grew into manhood hoping for an early death but dreamed only of being loved.

Samuel Waterstone knew mostly wealth and privilege.

Being a platinum blonde well-known physicist made his world forget that he was gay. No one questioned his lifestyle and the need to bed any male student that captured his fleeting fancy. Sam didn’t care about anything beyond his series of campus hoop ups. Chris Wolf already owned his heart since middle school. And then he met and fell instantly in love with a beautiful, shy giant name Dressler Wihone.

Leaning against the door frame, Sam took in the sight of the setting sun streaming into the kitchen through shutter slats. Shafts of light glinted off black curls framing the large beautiful angelic face. At that moment, Sam enjoyed a sense of quiet and peace.  He whispered, “You’re too damn big to be a queer”.

Not looking up from his work at the stove, Dressler smiled, “I hear that a lot.” – Lone Alpha Female

Christopher Wolf knew when still a boy that his type of love differed from society’s norm.

Of mix race but born brown, his white father open doors that allowed the brown skin to live his own destiny amongst the whites. He loved his best friend Sam but longed for an alpha female to claim him.   By the time he’d reached middle age, Chris had almost given up on ever being claimed as an omega male. And then fate intervened. Bey Caine entered his world. Chris needed claiming by the beautiful alpha-female soldier, who ruled in a world outside his own?

Commander Bey Caine was born to lead the global military in the last war.

For sixty years she gave her life to the Neith Foundation and The United Nations States. Augmented with the genes of an ancient and powerful race, like countless generations before her. The sole purpose of her being was to lead humanity into its final global war.

A war that would save the remnants of humanity and lead the race into the Golden Age, the age of the enlightened.

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