A Reviewer’s View on Critiquing Books

BL The Reader

Books reveal the innermost parts of an author’s heart, experiences, and most sought after fantasy. Reading is always a schooling about life and emotions that color our interactions with each other.

Authors are masters at relating how and what we feel.

It is a sharing that often bonds readers to authors that changes perspectives whether fiction or non-. This is why I have come to enjoy reading as a reviewer.

One of my cherished habits when reviewing a new work is in avoiding an author’s bio…until after the read. If my heart becomes smitten, I research to see what other gems are in the offering. This always brings pleasant surprises. The bio never reveals the hidden treasures of imagination, or expressions that convey wonderful stories or make me one of the informed.

Authors teach.  They are the faces that homes created words that make me laugh, tear, fall in love, or seduce my imagination.

I feel that the review of a book should always hold a different description for each reading based on genre.

My reviews are rarely objective. I offer a reader’s point of logic and rarely critique grammar unless it overwhelmingly interferes with the quality or cadence of the book.

Each new book review is like granting a peek into a gifted wordsmith’s work. Sometimes their labor dwells in my heart.

An author should always remember that some reviewers would love your work more than others would.





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