Khalid Book 5 of the Protectress by Barbara Cerda – for Release Winter 2020

Blurb  Khalid Book 5 of the Protectress New Book Release Winter 2020 Khalid is what the ancients and his tribe bred him to be. He’s a warrior, a supreme killer, and the only caregiver to the first male Protector. In his 650 years, he’d loved many women and men. But no one has tamed the... Continue Reading →

The Chicago Four Stanley by Barbara Cerda – Winter 2020

Release Winter 2020 Stanley Blurb   Stanley Caston Jr is a globally sought after celebrity architect who discovers, the hard way, that enjoying intimate relations with a male member of the Saudi royals could mean death. Fleeing from his home in Egypt in the middle of the night.  He returned to his hometown, Chicago. Growing... Continue Reading →

Love’s Legacy by TL Davidson #Clublighthouse

A review A legacy of love.  In the karmic universe, this is a truth. And this author brilliantly tells a tale where lovers and friends and enemies leave one lifetime only to resume new lifetimes. And within it, all karmic resolution completes promises made and lovers’ and friends realize the fulfillment of a  journey. Love,... Continue Reading →

Pirates and Lawnmowers by Ivan Whittingshaw a Review #ClubLighthouse

Book Review   Impressions A retrospect. A sharing. A journey of self-discovery.   Stepping into the life of Mr. Wittingshaw for me was a little like a seventies sitcom. Well written, Pirates and Lawnmowers would lend itself well to a script.  The author is the main character in this first-person retrospect, is married to  Krystine.... Continue Reading →

Celtic Remnants by Deborah O’Toole

Book Review   Impressions  The event. The Bogside Massacre. Bloody Sunday. Derry Northern Ireland, 30 January 1972. One heartless moment of violence and subsequent retaliation against bigotry will last for generations. The emotional scars created in this day has lasted for generations. Eventually, the hatred tars the love between a young English royal and a bonny Irish... Continue Reading →

Aisha and Merneptah from the Books of the Protectress by Barbara Ann Cerda


CLP Cover

At 14 years old, she was alone. A homeless orphan, she wandered the streets of New York City. The Office of Children and Family Services failed her.  No friends. No family.  But fate has big plans for the destitute brown beauty.  Destiny delivered her into the arms of the most powerful family in humankind’s history. They happily filled her life with love, a family, and a purpose that will change the future forever.

Aisha Davenport grew into adulthood under the loving guidance of the most powerful woman in the world, Meretneith. Because her heart began opening to the big brown eyes of a lonely girl, Meretneith adopted her. And Aisha thrives, growing beautiful and smart, learning to become part of the world of extreme wealth and power. She was becoming a significant force within her adopted mother’s business, the Neith Foundation. And then a meeting in London forever changed all things.

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Bitter Heat (Heat of Love #3) Leta Blake


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A Review

I think all of Leta’s fans waited patiently for this new title in the Heat of Love universe …. and it doesn’t disappoint.

This tale is spiritual nourishment. The story satisfies a need for a new title in the “Heat” Series. While I wouldn’t label myself an Omegaverse fan. I’ve developed a deep and abiding love for Leta Blake’s creations.

The characters;

Janus Heelies comes back as a reformed Alpha. Focused on becoming a better man, a better person dedicated to healing. Traveling to a small rural town in the mountains, he vows to live a life of celibacy and service. But his first encounter on arrival is met with the honey-sweet scent of a lonely and abused omega.

The elegant sweep of a beautiful sensual omega Kerry Monkburn enters Janus’ life. He’s troubled and pregnant. Kerry is contracted to an abuser and rapist imprisoned for his crimes…

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Bitter Heat (Heat of Love #3) Leta Blake

A Review I think all of Leta's fans waited patiently for this new title in the Heat of Love universe .... and it doesn't disappoint. This tale is spiritual nourishment. The story satisfies a need for a new title in the "Heat" Series. While I wouldn't label myself an Omegaverse fan. I've developed a deep... Continue Reading →

Khalid Book 5 of the Protectress By Barbara Ann Cerda

Broken-hearted, the Desert Wolf spends days roaming his deserts, howling his pain into the night. And in seclusion. Days passed when he refused food. Even an embrace from his beloved brother, the Protector Merneptah, did little to ease the ache of losing Toshio. The moment that began his nightmare replayed nightly in his dreams. That... Continue Reading →

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