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A Review Hush Money I often wonder what truly defines a best seller and then there’s books like this. In a very intimate way this reader is transported into a world of chaotic personalities in shapes of celebrity, the Kennedy’s. The sounds and myriad scents and feelings bombarding our senses while wheeling through New York... Continue Reading →


8 years ago today.

The Tattooed Book Geek

8 yearsago today

Something different and personal for you all today, if you don’t want to read it as it’s not book related then that’s cool and likewise, if you choose to unfollow my blog then that’s cool too.

December 2nd, 2009, 8 years ago today. The day my dad succumbed to cancer and passed away.

At times it really doesn’t feel like 8 years have passed since I lost my father. Over trivial matters, time can often seem to go by so slowly but for the important events in your life that leave both memories and scars years go by in the blink of an eye.

8 years is a long time, 2009, a bad year, a year in which I struggled with life, a year which left me with scars, a year in which I got fucked with, a year which broke me and a year which taught me that if…

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Beautiful… I didn’t guess properly this time… DARN! But beautiful…

Chaotic Shapes


Finished up the drawing about an hour ago. I Always clean the image before spraying it. When doing that I check the paper for pencil shavings from the colors and fill in white areas that are easily noticeable.

Whenever a piece is done, I look at it and think it’s never done. Something can always be added or messed with.

I have to stop myself or I would work on one single piece my whole life, hahahaha.

You never know when you’re really done, I guess you’re done when your guts say. “Okay, I think we’re done here now.” hahahaha.

Throughout the process of drawing this, there were endless guesses. Like always, the guesses ranged from, the image I was thinking, things I never thought to be in the image and many more ideas. It’s always enjoyable and interesting when people look at my art.

Sometimes people see things that…

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5 reserves and 30 images!

Thank you….. almost feels like home

Christian Sperka Photography | Blog & Site

Another exciting month! It started with a 14 day tour through five game reserves (Timbavati, Sabi Sands, Pakamisa, Phinda and Thanda) and ended with another Art Project on Thanda.

I was extremely busy and my time to photograph wildlife was limited. Nevertheless I hope you will enjoy this collection.

PS: If you enjoy continuous updates about my work I recommend you follow me on Instagram where I post images almost daily!

A little Elephant mock-charge was very exciting for my ‘first-time’ safari guests …

White Rhino cuddling …

Chatting up – Leopard style …

Ground Hornbills – a rare treat …

Protecting the kill …

On the move – African Wild Dogs …

A bit of warmth on a cold morning …

On horseback – There is no better way to experience Giraffes …

A visit to Zululand – local architecture …

A visit to Zululand – Local people…

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Der goldener Drahe


Adelso Bausdorf

Dynamische Kraft, Stärke, Einweihung

Feuerspeiend, funkenschlagend, die Kraft auf unserem Rücken tragend, mächtige neue Wege wagend— wir gebären die neue Kraft, welche im Kosmos die Erde erschafft.
Weiche nicht aus deines Tempels Tür, nimm den Platz ein, der dir gebührt, deshalb wirst du von uns berührt. Wir führen dich durch die verworrenen Seiten, mit unsrer dynamischen Kraft wir dich begleiten. Nimm den Kampf auf für deine Kraft, erneuere deinen Lebenssaft!

goldener drache by adelso bausdorf Inspiration of ancient mythology, awakening in our century!

Was man über Drachen weiß

Der Name Drache stammt von lat. draco = Schlange, der Scharfblickende. Zu früheren Zeiten war der Drachen— glaube in Europa weit verbreitet. So glaubte man, daß sich die vitalen Lebenskräfte der Erde erneuerten, wenn ein Drache geboren wurde. Die Drachenmythen der Kelten, Germanen und Griechen wurden allerdings nach dem Sieg des Christentums nur noch verschlüsselt und verzerrt überliefert.

ln der Vorstellung vieler Menschen sind die Drachen aber immer…

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So cool….

Nic Starr

This week I’m doing another #MusicMonday post where I share three versions of the one song instead of my usual post type. It’s interesting to see the interpretations and the differences between the versions. The song is Sound of Silence.

First up is Gregorian.

And here is the original from Simon & Garfunkel.

And finally, Passenger. This is live cover.

And just for fun, here’s TROLLS 🙂

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Nic xx

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