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An Unsuitable Heir

By K.J. Charles

Book Review


 An understanding of the communication of emotions comes easy in this taste-filled read.

As with previous readings of this author I’m yet again enamored of the descriptive language that makes me part of the world of a London in the 1800’s. This monochrome moral view of ethics and odd predications reminds that our world has not advanced but an inch, made so painfully clear in K.J. Charles writings.  I’ve become an unapologetic fan.

The author allows this reader to slip so effortlessly into the period. It’s the coming to know and the growing appreciation of people with odd predilections that makes this a delightfully and wonderful journey. They become preferred to the normal.

There’s twist and turns that center on the mounting love and slow surging heat between two unlikely lovers. Weaving together the ambiance that brings all this together in a wondrous telling is where this author shines best, in my opinion.

This read is just as wonderful as its precursor.  Another treatise about the wondrous eccentricities and outward expressions of the gilded gifted.

Hanging Sword Alley and Justin Lazarus and Nathaniel Roy was the opener to a close that is spectacular.  This is the sequel to An Unnatural Vice.


“Oh, I know. You look at people and you see a boring clerk, just another man in a suit. Or you see someone with one arm, and the one arm is all you see. Or even” – he indicated himself – “you see a man. And it looks like it’s real because it’s what we see, but there’s so much wonder on the inside. As if you had a plain packing crate and it was filled with silks and Persian rugs and things that would spill out and make everything beautiful, if only you took the trouble to open it. Do you see what I mean?” – Pen to Mark, An Unsuitable Heir


Poor Emmeline Godfrey appears in the parlor of clever “Mystic Martha” better known as London Seer Justin Lazarus. She’s looking for her runaway twins. Fast forward, almost a decade later and they are the Flying Starlings, gifted aerialist that seduce hearts while freeing the spirit. But here’s where the story takes an ugly twist.

There’s murder, intrigue and ugly torture afoot and it all centers around the lovely male known as Pen (Repentant) Godfrey Starling, he is the lost heir.

With “womanish” good looks and a penchant to ignore the sexual norms dictated by society, he is the outlandish with a kind heart and free soul. Pen and his sister Greta resist the moral dictates of their world to carve out their own ways. Unknown to the twins their independence outside of societal norms carries a price that’s paid by others.   Death and greed haunts their every step.

My Main Characterizations

The Flying Starlings

Lord Moreton Earl Repentance Taillefer (Repentance Godfrey, Pen Starling) his happiness became defined by the trapeze and the love of a one armed detective.  Their mutual passion was at first sight and lasting with a love that seemed created just for them.

Regret Taillefer (Godfrey, Greta Starling) as her twin brother Pen’s aerial partner in the Flying Starlings she understands his true heart and loves her brother completely. She’d do anything for….Pen.

Mark Braglewicz is the clever rustic one-armed detective that falls in love with Repentant (Pen) Godfrey, the missing heir.  Mark becomes part of Pen’s soul and his deepening love. Their passion and shared heat is unapologetic. They learn almost too late how to fight to keep it safe and forever.


Put simply…this is good stuff and a good read. Thank you K.J. Charles



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