A Poem: To The One, I Haven’t Found.


The Tattooed Book Geek


Can you bring me back?
When I run from this life,
Give me what I lack,
Make me heal the wounds inside,
I just want you to be,
The one that I can find,
To believe in me,
I’ll make the right choice this time.

Can you bring me back?
When I’m searching for the light,
You’ll find me lost in the dark,
And I’m all alone at night,
I hope that you can see,
I’m not walking to my end,
All the good that lives in me,
Know even broken souls can mend.

Can you bring me back?
From the sadness that I bleed,
When it all turns to black,
You’re the only one who sees,
I don’t need you to feel,
Or to take away my pain,
I just want something real,
With someone who knows my name.

Can you bring me back?

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Photographer Sophia Hsin Documents Child Laborers in Bangladesh

Words fail….


Vancouver, Canada-based photographer Sophia Hsin recently traveled to Bangladesh with World Vision’s No Child for Sale campaign. Her goal: to document young laborers and raise awareness among Canadian consumers about how some products enter their food chain.

The photos from her trip do a brilliant job conveying the humanity of children forced into working at far too young an age, due to cultural norms and extenuating family circumstances.

Tanya works nights in a shrimp factory to support her disabled father and younger sister.

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Creatively, this trip really made me realize the beauty of photography and how it gives me the ability to document stories and be a voice for people that need to be heard. Along the way, I also realized that it was less about me…

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And then there’s….this. Thank you Flash!

Flash 365


We touched down in the land of the delta blues. It wasn’t raining. To be fair, we drove in. We met my brother’s friend at a restaurant; catfish and po-boys.

“Can you believe what’s just went on in Virginia?” my brother’s friend asks. Everyone looks a little sickened, but we eat all the same, nodding.

“Can you imagine something like that happening in Mass?” I ask my brother.

He sighs, “there is a rally planned for tomorrow.”

I take a bite of po-boy. “This country has changed,” my mother says. “Everyone is afraid, everyone is talking about it, hate has become the norm.”

“I want to go back to Russia,” I say, “where it’s safe.”

Everyone laughs. I’m serious, they know it. “This wasn’t the way things were when I was growing up,” I say.

“This country has changed,” someone repeats.

I finish the meal with a confused sort of…

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World interaction❤✈



The beauty of Cape Town is astonishing…

Not only is the landscape unique, but there’s wildlife galore, including the Big Five (lion, elephant, Cape buffalo, leopard, and rhino)

There’s much to see; whether you prefer a fast pace or slow and easy, there’s an itinerary for you.. ❤❤❤🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦✈

#Beatraveler #Worldinteraction #Travelishappiness #Travellikenoonecan#Capetown #Africavibes #capetiwnthoughts… ✈✈✈✌🇿🇦

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