A real beauty!

I think she knows how beautiful she is

Thanks for this

Christian Sperka Photography | Blog & Site

I love this image of a Thanda Safari Lioness which I took on Friday – a real Lion beauty …

… and sorry for not blogging for a while. I was extremely busy over the last few weeks but I promise a detailed post with many pictures soon!

Have a great week!

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Putin’s Birthday

“The man who’d fallen finds his feet and then his way home, red-nosed”
What can be worst than a greedy oligarch setting the rules? An Old one
Thanks for this sweet Flash

Flash 365


A cry of triumph is loud; it drowns out cries of fear, of pain, of sadness, of anger and of failure. It’s the closest a man can get to the voice of God.

Y and I exit the mall. It is dark, it is wet–an autumn afternoon in St. Petersburg.

A flood of meat and cheap poster-board press us back towards the door. There is excitement in the air. We move aside, around. We head for the subway entrance.

People are angry, holding up soggy red signs.

Three massive caged buses pull up on the street. Three dozen or so Hippopotamus in riot gear trample off into the square.

I turn to Y, “What the hell is going on?”

She looks on, curious. “It’s Putin’s birthday,” she tells me.

The Hippos start to charge, helmets down and batons up. Birdies fly overhead. The young crowd pushes onward, many holding signs…

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More color added

Chaotic Shapes


This is how far I am right now, I have a few more hours to work on it.

Here was a good stopping point to take a picture.

The colors I’m adding are about the same.

I’m close to finishing this, I’m trying my best to not hurry and finish it. Taking my time to add as much detail as I can.

Detail is my main focus in this piece.

With the image being at where it’s. What do you see?

Remember this could be anything, look closely.

For the previous post :https://chaoticshapes.com/2017/10/09/update-on-drawing-3/

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Love is everything by da-AL with Video by Mengwen Cao

awesome and a big thank you for sharing

Happiness Between Tails by da-AL

Mengwen Cao Mengwen Cao

Listening … Loving … Accepting … Understanding … Courage …

Love demands ongoing practice and desire. Not always easy, but always rewarding.

Watch how Mengwen Cao comes out to her parents and how they respond. She’s a photographer, videographer, and multimedia producer. Born in Hangzhou, China, she came to the United States in 2012.

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Hogwarts Rejection Letter

needed this…nice

Flash 365


Dear Muggle,

It is time to stop waiting for our letter.

We know that you’ve been spending too much time staring at pictures of owls, taxidermy owls, people with exceptionally large eyes, and owls themselves; it makes them uncomfortable.

We know that when you get Chinese food, you open your chopsticks and whisper spells to yourself while waving one of them around even though when your food comes, you use a fork. It’s culturally insensitive.

We know that you’ve been writing and rewriting a letter to J.K. Rowling in the hopes that she will put in a good word for you, she won’t. Please burn it.

We know that when you see a snake, you hiss things to it, it’s embarrassing. That’s why she left you.

I know this might all sound a bit harsh but, we wanted to write this letter to you because we feel it is our…

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  The following is from Ann Petry’s story collection, Miss Muriel and Other Stories. Ann Petry was a reporter, pharmacist, social worker, and community activist. Her book The Street was the first novel by an African American woman to sell more than a million copies. From the Lit Hub Daily...

The Devil with Sawdust in his Hair

Flash 365


I’ve been told numerous times never to go into a bar at the bottom of a set of stairs in Russia. I always remember this just after I find myself, inhaling dust, surrounded by cracked support beams and dirty looks.

To be fair, this time there are just two dirty looks; a young bartender and a man with hair so dark and skin so pale he might’ve been in black and white.

I eye the cooler of bottled beers, not confident enough in my Russian to risk asking for a beer selection. I must have looked too confused for too long and it gave me away.

“Where are you from?” the black and white man asks with almost no accent. I turn. One eye is black, blacker even than his hair; the other, green.

“Uh–Boston,” I tell him. He smiles, then laughs.

“AH! America!”

I nod.

“Come!” he leads me…

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The Dark Hand


A life of dark cycles

Re – repeated

Indulgence wins

Good sense unseated

Cries out  for help

All answered kindly

Yet ill choices made

Consequence never timely

No turning back clocks

No re-walking sly walks

Still the narcissist

Talks, talks, and talks

I’m Gonna’ I’m gonna’ gonna’

Theme of his whole life

Near six long decades proof

Not including many decade’s wife

No pity for his bad choices

And do not ever tell her

She does not understand

Many decades lost to ill choice

Of one most determined man

Bound to an ill fate

By his very own hand

(c) Janni Styles

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