Aisha and Merneptah from the Books of the Protectress by Barbara Ann Cerda

At 14 years old, she was alone. A homeless orphan, she wandered the streets of New York City. The Office of Children and Family Services failed her.  No friends. No family.  But fate has big plans for the destitute brown beauty.  Destiny delivered her into the arms of the most powerful family in humankind’s history.... Continue Reading →

Lone Alpha Female Book 6 of the Protectress – Barbara Cerda #mmromance #goodread #Fridayread #adultfantasy

In the year 2269, cultural wars have brought mankind to the precipice of extinction. Most of the earth’s cities are no more.  Only two political factions survived to rule. Gaia is taking back what men have destroyed.  Survival of humanity’s remnants lies in the hands of the warrior Commander Bey Caine, the Lone Alpha Female. Dressler... Continue Reading →

Sweet Confessions of a Mature Body Builder by Barbara Cerda

Muscle moving under smooth skin shiny with pearls of sweat always accompany those pleasurable hours of hard workouts. Let us speak truth about the maddening rush of endorphins that plague our loins during hyperactivity. Bodybuilding and wired workouts serve to be a time of meditation that relaxes the spirit and feeds the libido. Not everyone... Continue Reading →

Alpha Heat (Heat of Love Book 2) By Leta Blake

  A Book Review Impressions “They kissed over the gear shift as the moon poured around the car. Their love overflowed in the sight of wolf’s own eye, and it was pure.” – Alpha Heat Can one suffer from author idolatry? Perhaps. When a supreme storyteller weaves tales that speak to our fantasies, odd but... Continue Reading →

Heat for Sale By Blake Moreno, Leta Blake

A Book Review Impressions Gobbling up another of this author’s work, I’m reminded again of how this author’s ways of developing a storyline draws on this reader’s imagination. This is a simple, yet elegant love story complicated by the ghost of past love. The seamless joinery of a younger virgin omega and his slow surrender... Continue Reading →

How to (Not)Train a Firecat By R Cooper

  A Book Review Impressions I’ve articled before in how this author is a master at weaving fairytales for adults. This short story is a small sample of why I enjoy R Cooper’s work.  I entered in her legion of fans after reading a few of her earlier works in this genre of adult storybook... Continue Reading →

American Jihad By John Outram

Book Review Impressions “All known Muslims are being investigated but there are about three million living in the United States. Agent Close reported that the terrorists he has discovered are deep underground living quiet lives. It takes only a few lone wolves or small cells to create havoc and tracing them takes time.” ~ American... Continue Reading →

Hibiscus Lane An #Erotic #Fantasy By John Outram

A Book Review Impressions “Millie knew how to ask for what she wanted, and Jason liked to please her. Relaxing on the patio behind her house overlooking the pool, where they had splashed earlier, they were watching a pair of green parrots scolding a large magpie in the tall flowering fig tree. It was a... Continue Reading →

ZoZo By Carlton Lamberth

  Book Review  Impressions We’ve been warned about the dangerous seduction inherent in using weirding board games for fun like Ouija Boards.  guilelessness can easily succumb to evil domination.  Residual energies of ancient spirits can wreak havoc, cause pain, or the need for retribution. He waited. The case of the ancient spirit ZoZo. Carlton Lamberth... Continue Reading →

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