Betrayed By Ross Gallen #GoodRead

Book Review Impressions Cloaked as a fast-moving tale of a lawyer’s journey into espionage, threats to national security and terrorism, this is simply a surprisingly enjoyable read.   Jake Mandel unknowingly becomes involved in a waking nightmare that forever ends his world suddenly and brutally. Survival is immediate along with finding the truths of why... Continue Reading →

Grant Peters The Man We Should’ve Known

  ‘Twas like any other first day of the first semester of the academic year at Malcolm X Community College.  They called them Community Colleges back in those days. They were places where the needfulness of a good education found one.  But truth beknown, for a meager tuition that education was superior. Location was its... Continue Reading →

Update on the drawing.

Chaotic Shapes


Here is the progress as of right now.

Like I said before, the main focus of this piece is the detail.

Not sure how I’m feeling about this piece. But I always feel unsure about all my pieces. Knowing when to be “finished” is quite difficult sometimes.

The colors and shapes seem to take longer than the sketch.

Now I begin drawing and see what we come up with. Hopefully, this turns out the way I’m imagining.

Won’t give up, but won’t seek perfection either. In a way, a messy unrealistic creation drives you a little crazy. Also, the most creative and fun to express in my opinion. Abstract sometimes messes with your mind, but perfection is ignored. Unrealistic things occur abnormal things.

That’s the fun of it, creating things that aren’t existent. In the end, nothing matters in art. Be free with it don’t let it possess you. Create…

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Hush Money By James Trivers #Mystery #Drama #bestseller #Goodreads

A Review Hush Money I often wonder what truly defines a best seller and then there’s books like this. In a very intimate way this reader is transported into a world of chaotic personalities in shapes of celebrity, the Kennedy’s. The sounds and myriad scents and feelings bombarding our senses while wheeling through New York... Continue Reading →

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